Radio Experiments!

Evening Becomes Eclectic 7/29/14

I have no show for the week before this, 7/22, because I took the night off for my birthday! And, one of my birthday presents was the new Jenny Lewis album. So, for my next show I decided I would go with a Jenny Lewis theme, since the album was coming out that day. I had an unexpected setback though because I was going to play the album off the internet, but it became unavailable at midnight! So I played the second part of what I was going to do and played a few other new albums as well. If you tune in to my show tonight (8/4/14) you can hear the songs I was GOING to play last week!


12:56 AM, Little Dragon, Mirror, Nabuma Rubberband,
12:50 AM, Lykke Li, No Rest for the Wicked, I Never Learn,
12:47 AM, Sia, Chandelier, 1000 Forms of Fear,
12:44 AM, The Black Keys, Turn Blue, Turn Blue,
12:39 AM, Rilo Kiley, A Better Son/Daughter (request), The Execution of All Things,
12:31 AM, Rilo Kiley, Science Vs. Romance, Take Offs and Landings,
12:27 AM, Rilo Kiley, The Execution of All Things, The Execution of All Things,
12:22 AM, Rilo Kiley, A Man/Me/Then Jim, More Adventurous,
12:18 AM, Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins, You Are What You Love, Rabbit Fur Coat,
12:13 AM, Rilo Kiley, Silver Lining, Under the Blacklight,
12:10 AM, Jenny Lewis, Acid Tongue, Acid Tongue,
12:10 AM, Jenny and Johnny, Just Like Zeus, I’m Having Fun Now

Evening Becomes Eclectic 7/15/14

Another theme show for ya! Told you there were a lot. This one was summer songs: songs that are about summer, mention summer, make me think of summer, or make other people think of summer!


12:58 AM, The Beach Boys, All Summer Long, All Summer Long,
12:54 AM, Beulah, What Will You Do When Your Suntan Fades?, The Coast is Never Clear,
12:51 AM, Justin Timberlake, Summer Love, FutureSex/Lovesounds,
12:43 AM, Fleet Foxes, Tiger Mountain Peasant Song, Fleet Foxes,
12:40 AM, Vampire Weekend, A-Punk, Vampire Weekend,
12:37 AM, Sufjan Stevens, Christmas in July, Songs For Christmas,
12:34 AM, Weird Al, Tacky, ,
12:28 AM, Led Zeppelin, Dancing Days, Houses of the Holy,
12:26 AM, Donovan, Mellow Yellow, Mellow Yellow,
12:26 AM, The Beatles, Yellow Submarine, Revolver,
12:16 AM, The Drifters, Under the Boardwalk, The Best of the Drifters,
12:13 AM, Persephone’s Bees, Nice Day, Notes From the Underworld,
12:07 AM, GROUPLOVE, Naked Kids, ,
12:04 AM, The Beach Boys, Catch a Wave, Surfer Girl

Evening Becomes Eclectic 7/8/14

My theme for July 8th was A Hard Day’s Night! A Hard Day’s Night was released on July 6th in 1964 and for its anniversary the Michigan Theater played a newly restored 35mm on July 6th and 8th. I went to see the July 8th showing with my dad and sister and so I decided to honor the anniversary with a theme for my show! I played the entire A Hard Day’s Night album with select clips from the movie thrown in between songs. I then finished the show up with a few songs that were on the Billboard Top 100 list that same year. I also made a huge flub on this show during the last song where I accidentally stopped the track midway through…now, I could have eliminated this with editing, but I feel like it’s nicer to leave things authentic or something. So watch for me messing up big-time during the last song on the show! Woo hoo!


1:00 AM, Betty Everett, The Shoop Shoop Song (It’s In His Kiss), ,
12:57 AM, The Kinks, You Really Got Me, ,
12:54 AM, The Supremes, Where Did Our Love Go, Greatest Hits,
12:52 AM, The Beach Boys, I Get Around, All Summer Long,
12:51 AM, Louis Armstrong, Hello, Dolly!, Oh Didn’t He Ramble,
12:47 AM, The Beatles, I’ll Be Back, A Hard Day’s Night
12:47 AM, The Beatles, When I Get Home, A Hard Day’s Night,
12:46 AM, The Beatles, You Can’t Do That, A Hard Day’s Night,
12:46 AM, The Beatles, When I Get Home, A Hard Day’s Night,
12:46 AM, The Beatles, You Can’t Do That, A Hard Day’s Night,
12:39 AM, The Beatles, When I Get Home, A Hard Day’s Night,
12:35 AM, The Beatles, Things We Said Today, A Hard Day’s Night,
12:30 AM, The Beatles, I’ll Cry Instead, A Hard Day’s Night,
12:27 AM, The Beatles, Anytime at All, A Hard Day’s Night,
12:25 AM, The Beatles, Can’t Buy Me Love, A Hard Day’s Night,
12:22 AM, The Beatles, Tell Me Why, A Hard Day’s Night,
12:19 AM, The Beatles, And I Love Her, A Hard Day’s Night,
12:17 AM, The Beatles, I’m Happy Just to Dance with You, A Hard Day’s Night,
12:12 AM, The Beatles, If I Fell, A Hard Day’s Night,
12:12 AM, The Beatles, I Should Have Known Better, A Hard Day’s Night,
12:06 AM, The Beatles, A Hard Day’s Night, A Hard Day’s Night

Evening Becomes Eclectic 7/1/14

The first of July was a tribute to Bob Dylan! This was because I was going to do this: An event with the Ann Arbor Summer Festival where I was going to be the DJ playing Highway 61 Revisited. But, unfortunately, my partner for this event had unexpected medical issues and had to cancel. In honor of this I played the songs I was going to play for the event along with a few more Bob Dylan songs I like and a couple covers. I also played some clips from a couple press conferences that Bob Dylan was at in the 60s.


12:54 AM, Bob Dylan, Like a Rolling Stone, Highway 61 Revisited,
12:48 AM, George Harrison, I’d Have You Anytime, All Things Must Pass,
12:45 AM, Bob Dylan, Po Boy, Love and Theft
12:43 AM, The Beach Boys, The Time They Are a-Changin’, Beach Boys Party!,
12:38 AM, Bob Dylan, The Ballad of Frankie Lee and Judas Priest, John Wesley Harding,
12:23 AM, Bob Dylan, Ballad of a Thin Man, Highway 61 Revisited,
12:23 AM, Bob Dylan, Tombstone Blues, Highway 61 Revisited,
12:14 AM, Bob Dylan, Highway 61 Revisited, Highway 61 Revisited,
12:06 AM, Bob Dylan, Maggie’s Farm, Bringing it All Back Home,
12:04 AM, Bob Dylan, Subterranean Homesick Blues, Bringing it All Back Home

Evening Becomes Eclectic 6/24/14

Been a while again since an update! I didn’t have access to archives from the station for a little while. Then just craziness of life with work and such kept me too busy. But I’m back with some more radio fun for you all! These next few shows contain a lot of theme fun as well, some premeditated and some not. On June 24th I ended up with a whole show of music that related to my life that week in some way. A cool thing that evolved as I was doing the show was that songs ended up all being in pairs. Fun! Enjoy!


12:50 AM, Renaissance, Trip to the Fair, Scheherazade…and other stories,
12:44 AM, Various, Heaven On Their Minds, Jesus Christ Superstar,
12:37 AM, First Aid Kit, My Silver Lining, Stay Gold,
12:33 AM, Jenny Lewis, Just One of the Guys, The Voyager,
12:30 AM, Joni Mitchell, Free Man in Paris, Court and Spark,
12:24 AM, Joni Mitchell, Help Me, Court and Spark,
12:19 AM, Ethel Waters, No Man’s Momma, ,
12:16 AM, Carolina Chocolate Drops, No Man’s Momma, PBS Sound Tracks (Live),
12:08 AM, Frontier Ruckus, Black Holes, Eternity Up Dimming,
12:06 AM, Frontier Ruckus, What You Are, Orion Songbook

Evening Becomes Eclectic 6/17/14

This episode had roughly 3 sections: some Mad Men inspired tracks, followed by a couple musicians I had seen recently or was going to see, and then some different spoken word tracks. Including some Shakespeare, in honor of the fact that I had to explain who Shakespeare was to a kid on the first day of the camp that I’m working at. Kids these days, I tell ya.

12:49 AM, David Sedaris, Get Your Ya-Ya’s Out (part 1 and 2), Naked,
12:43 AM, Duck’s Breath Mystery Theater, Side A, The Dr. Science Primer,
12:38 AM, Holly Braly, Heavy Water, Science and the Sea Volume 17 
12:32 AM, Frank Silvera, Cyril Cusack, Celia Johnson, Anna Massey, Othello, Book of the Month Records,
12:26 AM, Blu Cantrell, Hit ‘Em Up Style (Oops!), ,
12:21 AM, The Carolina Chocolate Drops, Hit Em Up Style, ,
12:15 AM, The Macpodz, 9 Lives, The Truth EP,
12:11 AM, Joey Dee and the Starlighters, Peppermint Twist, Dick Van Dyke’s Dance Party,
12:08 AM, Carmen McRae, Coffee Time, Bachelor in Paradise: Cocktail Classics,
12:07 AM, Martin Denny, Fandango, Ultra Lounge 18: Bottoms Up,
12:03 AM, Ella Fitzgerald, ‘Deed I Do, Ella and Basie!,

Evening Becomes Eclectic 6/10/14: Then and Later

The first themed episode of Evening Becomes Eclectic is here! For this episode, I chose a few bands/artists that have changed a lot over their musical careers. I chose two songs from each band or artist, one from early on and one from later, and played them back to back to see how they compare! It was a lot of fun, and I even got enough ideas during and after the fact for more bands that I may do a volume 2 of this show later in the summer! So stay tuned for that!


12:57 AM, The Beach Boys, Surf’s Up, The Smile Sessions,
12:55 AM, The Beach Boys, Surfin’ USA, Surfin’ USA,
12:52 AM, Gorillaz, Superfast Jellyfish, Plastic Beach,
12:48 AM, Gorillaz, Sound Check (Gravity), Gorillaz,
12:39 AM, Beck, Morning, Morning Phase,
12:36 AM, Beck, Loser, Mellow Gold,
12:31 AM, Alanis Morissette, Everything, So-Called Chaos,
12:27 AM, Alanis Morissette, Too Hot, Alanis,
12:18 AM, Fleetwood Mac, Peacekeeper, Say You Will,
12:15 AM, Fleetwood Mac, Black Magic Woman, English Rose,
12:09 AM, The Beatles, I Want You (She’s So Heavy), Abbey Road,
12:05 AM, The Beatles, I Want to Hold Your Hand, Meet the Beatles

Evening Becomes Eclectic 5/27/14

I’ve got what I say is another lovely episode of Evening Becomes Eclectic for ya! This was another straight up freeform show of just playing what struck my fancy. Things in my life lately have been a bit crazy, and I felt some connection with a good few of these songs, though perhaps not fully or literally. Songs that I would say I was feeling an emotional connection to were the ones by She and Him, Feist, Rilo Kiley, and Fun. And, of course, we all learned something about science with the wonderful Holly Braly :)


12:55 AM, Bob Dylan, Like a Rolling Stone, Highway 61 Revisited,
12:52 AM, Holly Braly, Shark Havens, Science and the Sea Volume 17,
12:49 AM, Kopecky Family Band, Heartbeat (request), Kids Raising Kids,
12:46 AM, Anya Marina, Cut it Out, Slow and Steady Seduction,
12:40 AM, Gorillaz, Oh Green World, Demon Days,
12:34 AM, Fun, Stars, Some Nights,
12:28 AM, Sufjan Stevens, Romulus, Greetings From Michigan the Great Lakes State,
12:23 AM, Jenny Lewis, Godspeed, Acid Tongue,
12:19 AM, Iron and Wine, Dearest Forsaken, Around the Well,
12:13 AM, Rilo Kiley, The Good That Won’t Come Out, The Execution of All Things,
12:07 AM, Feist, The Bad In Each Other, Metals,
12:03 AM, Spoon, Don’t You Evah, Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga,
12:00 AM, She and Him, I’ve Got Your Number, Son, Volume 3

Pan African Heartbeat and Subbing 5/25/14

I had a solid 4 hours of radio on May 25th! I hosted the specialty show, Pan African Heartbeat, and was a sub for KMFR’s show The Screamin’ Radio Hour. Pan African Heartbeat was pretty much a random selection from the station’s African music section. For The Screamin’ Radio Hour I was inspired by the show’s name and had some fun in the beginning of the show playing some scream-y songs. After that I trailed off into some older music that I felt was along roughly the same style as what I ended the scream-y-ness with. I then switched gears and played a few R&B/rap songs, embracing the fact that I can play whatever the hell I want after 10pm ;) And with the last bit of the show I just moseyed around with some music I really like a lot!

Pan African Heartbeat 5/25/14:


8:58 PM, Toure Kunda, Natalia, Natalia,
8:58 PM, Big Black, Afro-Cuban Lullaby, Ethnic Fusion,
8:45 PM, Mighty Popo, Impangaza, Gakondo,
8:42 PM, Carlos “Liceu” Vieira Dias, Birin Birin, 1975-1995 Independencia,
8:35 PM, Kasse Mady Diabate, Eh Ya Ye, Mali Lolo! Stars of Mali,
8:23 PM, Angelique Kidjo, Batonga (The Jungle Club Mix), Great Jones,
8:19 PM, Konono, Kule Kule, Congotronics,
8:11 PM, Extra Golden, Ok-Oyot System, Ok-Oyot System,
8:07 PM, Zulu Spear, Rain, Welome to the USA,
8:01 PM, Sithole, Chenjerera Upenyu, Legends of zimbabwean music vol 1

Subbing for KMFR 5/25/14:


11:54 PM, Beyonce, Blow, Beyonce,
11:51 PM, The Blow, Babay (Eat a Critter, Feel its Wrath), Paper Television,
11:46 PM, Blondie, Walk Like Me, Autoamerican,
11:42 PM, Metric, Speed the Collapse, Synthetica,
11:38 PM, Fiona Apple, Hot Knife, The Idle Wheel is Wiser than the Driver of the Screw and Whipping Cords Will Serve You More than Ropes Will Ever Do,
11:34 PM, Radiohead, Everything in its Right Place, Kid A,
11:24 PM, Foxygen, No Destruction, We Are the 21st Cetury Ambassadors of Peace and Magic,
11:22 PM, Chvrches, The Mother We Share, ,
11:17 PM, Vampire Weekend, Hannah Hunt, Modern Vampires of the City,
11:12 PM, MGMT, Alien Days, MGMT (request),
11:09 PM, Beirut, In the Mausoleum, The Flying Club Cup,
11:06 PM, Belle and Sebastian, Suicide Girl, The Third Eye Centre,
11:02 PM, Hall and Oates, You Make My Dreams, 500 Days of Summer Soundtrack,
10:56 PM, Blu feat Alchemist, Evidence, Planet Asia, etc., Can’t Stop Won’t Stop (request), Good to Be Home,
10:52 PM, The Bird and the Bee, Heard it on the Radio, Interpreting the Masters Volume 1: A Tribute to Daryl Hall and John Oates,
10:47 PM, M.I.A, Matangi, Matangi,
10:41 PM, Outkast, Mighty “O”, Idlewild,
10:36 PM, Jurassic 5, Gotta Understand, Feedback,
10:33 PM, Kendrick Lamar, Swimming Pools (Drank), good kid, m.A.A.d city,
10:27 PM, Empire State of Mind, Jay-Z and Alicia Keys, ,
10:23 PM, Jay-Z, 99 Problems, The Black Album,
10:17 PM, Kid Cudi, Soundtrack 2 My Life, Man on the Moon: the End of the Day,
10:16 PM, Kanye West, Heard ‘Em Say, Late Registration,
10:12 PM, Kanye West, Wake Up Mr West, Late Registration
10:09 PM, Dr. Dre Feat. Snoop Doggy Dog, Nuthin’ But a “G” Thang, MTV The First Thousand Years,
10:03 PM, Steely Dan, Gaucho, Gaucho,
9:57 PM, Fleetwood Mac, Jewel Eyed Judy, Kiln House,
9:54 PM, The Beach Boys, I’m Waiting for the Day, Pet Sounds,
9:49 PM, Paul McCartney, Monkberry Moon Delight, Ram,
9:43 PM, The Beatles, I’ve Got a Feeling, Let it Be…Naked,
9:38 PM, The White Stripes, Icky Thump, Icky Thump,
9:36 PM, The Raconteurs, Broken Boy Soldier, Broken Boy Soldiers,
9:28 PM, The Hives, A Get Together To Tear It Apart, Veni Vidi Vicious,
9:21 PM, Dread Zeppelin (request), Black Dog, ,
9:20 PM, Led Zeppelin, Black Dog, Led Zeppelin 4,
9:12 PM, Wolfmother, Woman, Wolfmother,
9:10 PM, Modest Mouse, Sh** Luck, The Lonesome Crowded West

6 O’ Clock Shadow 5/23/14

Got another episode of The 6 O’Clock Shadow for your listening enjoyment! Usually when I do this show I try to play a wide range of styles to show off what we have in our library at the radio station. This time was no exception! Picked out some of my favorite artists while also giving a wide variety of music and spoken word. As usual, it turned out to be a fun and quirky show to do!

6:54 PM, Steely Dan, Bad Sneakers, Katy Lied,
6:49 PM, Lyle Lovett, Farmer Brown/Chicken Reel, Natural Forces,
6:47 PM, The Irish Rovers, The Orange and the Green, The Unicorn,
6:44 PM, The Kinks, A Well Respected Man, Juno Soundtrack,
6:39 PM, The Flaming Lips, The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song, At War with the Mystics,
6:35 PM, Various, Heaven on Their Minds, Jesus Christ Superstar: A Resurrection,
6:30 PM, Tom Waits, I Don’t Wanna Grow Up, Bone Machine,
6:27 PM, Dr Dog, These Days, Be the Void,
6:24 PM, Blonde Redhead, The Dress, 23,
6:18 PM, Celestial Navigations, Sever Year Date, Chapter V,
6:14 PM, Orsen Wells, The War of the Worlds, Original Broadcast,
6:11 PM, Tom Jones, What’s New Pussycat?, Tom Jone’s Greatest Hits,
6:08 PM, Al Hirt, Green Hornet, Kill Bill Vol 1,
6:05 PM, Marvelettes, Don’t Mess with Bill, Anthology,
6:02 PM, M.I.A., It Iz What it Iz, Maya